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Sylvia Crawley Spann is a former college and WNBA Basketball player.  She also played and coached at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she led her team to a national championship . A silver and multiple Gold Medalist, Sylvia competed with USA Basketball for her country in the Jones Cup, Pan American, and World University Games. She is most noted for her blindfold dunk where she won the first ever professional women’s basketball slam dunk contest with the American Basketball League (ABL). She retired from the San Antonio Silver Stars (now the Las Vegas Aces) in 2004.

Her days of dazzling the crowd with her ability to dunk eventually took its toll on her knees. Suffering from “jumper’s knee (tendinitis),” Crawley quickly transitioned into coaching. Even while coaching, cold rainy days made it difficult for Crawley to stand on the sidelines and travel for recruiting. Crawley was introduced to Magnesium products while coaching at the University of North Carolina. She found that the products provided immediate relief from tendonitis in her knee, chronic back, and sciatic nerve pain; and her husband, Brian experienced relief from various athletic pains as well.

She introduced the product to her mother, who was diagnosed with Neuropathy; and she also introduced the product to her father, who lives with chronic muscle and joint pain; both parents love the product and the relief it provided. Today, the Crawley Wellness Collection has replaced many pain relieving products in their medicine cabinets.

“I am excited about offering these products, because they work so well for myself, many friends and family members. I stand behind these products for providing optimum pain relief and absorption of a much needed mineral, which is Magnesium.”